Easy Father’s Day Gifts that are Sure to Please

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Still trying to find the perfect gift? As with any appreciation-related holiday, it’s a never-ending challenge to find unique ways to show love. We’ve got you covered with our top five Father’s Day finds. 

Spend an Afternoon at the Park


Dads love the pampering and attention, but who doesn’t love a good old game of tossing the football or playing Frisbee at the park? Find a quiet spot in the sun, hunker down for the afternoon, and enjoy the kind of quality time that dad deserves.


Detail his Car Inside and Out


Dads love their cars. Why not give Dad some love by giving it the full treatment, from a wash and wax on the outside, polishing the tires, and dusting and vacuuming on the inside. When was the last time someone did that for him? He’ll remember it long after any other presents have been opened and forgotten.


Make Him a Jib Jab Video


JibJab.com users can create the ultimate dad videos in minutes. Simply put in his photo, or shots of family or close friends, and a custom-animated dance video is ready for sharing on Facebook, email or even for download to his computer. Check out the Dad Rapor other fun videos that will make this Father’s Day one to remember. 

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