How to Beat the Heat on a Budget

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Summer is a great time of year! The kids are out of school, we can work on our tans with a lazy day at the pool, eat lots of great fruit and go on vacations.  But we are all too familiar with those long hot sticky days when the heat and humidity rise and discomfort sets in.  

Here are a few ways to beat the heat with a low budget this summer. 


1.     Stick to the basics by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan.  The wind from the fan will blow over the ice and create a refreshing mist. 


2.     Turn off the lights and stay away from the stove.  Light bulbs and stoves let off added heat so stick to natural light and cool foods like salad to help keep temperatures low. 


3.     Stick your pillow and sheets in the freezer before you go to bed.  That way, when you are ready to sleep you can lay down in a nice cold bed.


We want to hear your other suggestions! How to you beat the heat? Post comments below or go to our Facebook page and share! 

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