Three Keys to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

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We all make goals for the New Year, some we follow through with, some we don’t.  Here are some helpful tips to help keep you motivated and follow through with your goals!

Plan: Limit the goals you set.  You are more likely to complete 5 big goals throughout the year, than 10. Write them down. Post them somewhere that you’ll see them every day for a reminder. Also, don’t forget to tell someone your goals.
Act: Track your progress. Write in a journal, blog, or other outlet. Resolutions aren’t about being perfect, they’re about improving things in our lives that we feel need improvement. 
Accomplish: Enjoy the journey! Make sure that you enjoy the process in getting it accomplished rather than rushing to the end so you can check it off your list.
What are your goals? Are you happy with life and plan to continue doing what works? Comment and let us know!

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