Car Pooling Just got Easier

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Carpooling saves money on gas, takes another car off the road during rush hour and has a positive impact on the environment! There are lots of apps and websites that make carpooling convenient and easy!

Carpool – School edition: Start and manage carpools to keep your children safe on their way to school.  This application provides parents and schools a great way to connect and share rides and walks. Already have a carpool? They will help you manage your existing one too!

Ridescout: combines information about all available route options for bus, rail, bikeshare, taxi, carpool, walking, biking, driving and parking. This is perfect for carpooling because you can see which options are best for your group in the moment

Zimride: backed by Enterprise, Zimride helps you connect drivers and passengers with stuff in common. It’s only available to universities and corporations, but offers a great way to connect with those in your immediate area to share rides.

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