2016 Best Pet Costumes

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Can’t decide if you want your fluffy friend to be a hot dog or a Star Wars character for Halloween? We can help! We found the top 20 pet costumes for 2016. See if yours makes the list. We have the top five below, but check out the full list here.

1. Piñata
2. Banana
3. Tortoise (complete with shell)
4. Hot Dog with Mustard
5. UPS Pal

If you are more of the do it yourself type, you can always find inspiration on Pinterest for fun D.I.Y. projects. We loved the knitted Frog costume!

You can do everything from turning your brown dog into a football or making your kitty into a pumpkin spice latte! See all the ideas here.

What are your favorites? Find us on Facebook and tell us what you will be dressing your pet up as this Halloween.

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