Getting More Out of Summer at The Gables

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Are you wanting to get more out of Summer 2017? Maybe you have extra free time to fill, the itch to travel, or the desire to be more outdoorsy. Try out some of our top ideas!
Give Back: One way to keep the summer productive and fulfilling is to find somewhere to give back. We recommend Volunteer Match as a great place to match local needs in our area with your interests and skills.
Hit the Open Road: Whether the road calls you for biking, hiking, or camping, we’re big fans of’s easy itinerary builder for just about any adventure you are dreaming of this summer.
Get Outside: Get a little dirt on your shoes and get in tune with nature with, which suggests any number of nearby trails or routes to hike, walk, and explore.
Wherever you decide to give back or get outside, share your summer stories with your neighbors here by tagging our community Facebook or Instagram.

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