Take a Bite out of Shark Week

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One week a year, we dedicate ourselves to the scary excitement that is sharks. Shark Week 2017 is airing July 23rd – 30th with a full schedule of shark themed entertainment. Check out some of our favorite ways to get the most out of Shark Week.

Thrilling Shows: We recommend watching these programs on dry land. Don’t miss any of the action, get the full schedule now from Discovery Channel.

Snack Attack: All those shark bites are making us want to bite into something delicious. Try a Shark Week themed snack like the delicious Shark Marshmallow Pops

Dressed for the Occasion: True fans know the only way to watch Shark Week is in shark themed pajamas. Grab a shark onesie for yourself and one for your four-legged friends, and cuddle up in style.

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